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Thursday, November 30, 2017


I've been a mite busy with birthdays, Thanksgiving, and deadlines... Still am tilting crazily against some deadlines. And so this is just to let you know that Maze of Blood is again on sale at Amazon for a mere ten bucks. Don't know if it'll last--it didn't, the prior time.


  1. I see we both have other fish to fry. I have three completed MSs with the publisher waiting to see the light of day. The first (Opening Bars, covering my singing lessons) led to a squabble about the front cover. My publisher favoured a designer with a track record for rather beautiful abstractions, but I felt we had to be a mite practical, photographed V's joanna (rhyming slang for you-know-what) and music stand and worked it up in Quark. I won.

    Collection of short stories - should the title be collective (and thus exceeding vague) or refer to just one of the stories? Both have their own vogue. Decided on the latter but the title, Two Homelands, could be what the French are wont to call d├ębile and may be changed.

    Second Hand, a novel, is about a woman surgeon who must find new employment. No doubt there'll be front-cover squabbles and my impartiality may be called into question. I signed on with the stock-photo service, Shutterstock, chose an elegant, female, left hand and set it on a black blackground. Thus I've spent money but did I lack imagination?

    Meanwhile another novel, 27,000 words completed, calls out seductively. She is Rictangular Lenses (the spelling is intentional) and the heroine... wears glasses! Don't worry, her genesis pre-dates my discovery of The Palace at 2AM. There should be less argument about the front cover in this case.

    1. Yes, the home front and the word front have been terribly busy of late. And Advent and Christmas are always busy, so it won't calm down soon, I imagine.

      It's good that you can have a squabble with the publisher and win the day! That does not always happen, of course...

      There is always the third option, related to the two other choices. A sort of bridge, I suppose. Two Homelands and Other Stories.

      I approve of heroines with glasses. Naturellement! I would be horrified to be the model for someone in a book--my life's fairly boring from the outside, I expect. Family. Words.


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