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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Rollipoke News, no. 1

Courtesy of Jenny W. of Honolulu,

For those of you who are waiting with the bated kind of breath: the first issue of The Rollipoke (a.k.a. The Rollipoke NewsThe Rollicking Rollipoke, etc.) will be launched into the interspace tomorrow. And I hope you enjoy the peculiar little newsletter that promises to give you the news about my books and doings before anybody else has it--news that either has not been posted online yet or, in some cases, will never be posted there.

Thank you, rollipokers!


  1. Given that your working day seems unending I'm astonished you are able to find time to manicure your finger-nails so neatly. Then I note the photo is borrowed; these are not your extremities. Nor, I conclude, will The Rollipoke be fashioned in this anachronistic manner. I think I'll come back to this post when others, less cautious, have had their say and I may respond with a meta-view. I am giving up individualism, it just isn't getting me anywhere. Just to add: dropping the periods from a.k.a. hints at modernity, a smart complicity with your readers. Think of the relief for those illuminating medieval manuscripts.

    1. Heh. I pepper them in afterward...

      No, I am one of those women who could care less about fingernails, so long as they are neat and trimmed. I just liked the disjunction between an e-newsletter and a bottle of ink and fountain pen.

  2. I checked the box and confirmed. Nothing! From which I infer I'm not a human being. I can accept that; I'd much prefer to be your éminence grise anyway (my hair's a start), inducing guilt, teasing you into greater prodigies, singing you inspiring melodies:

    Wider still and wider,
    May thy bounds be set,
    God who made thee mighty,
    Make thee mightier yet!

    Always bearing in mind an appropriate diet - mighty, yes, but not too mighty. And simultaneously ignoring the rest of the song (Anthem? Paean?) which is sheer colonialism red in tooth and claw.

  3. Hmm, something went wrong. I had one other person say they didn't get in, but I don't know if it's because you left out a step or there was a glitch.

    Anyway, I put you in--or at least an address you had when you wrote me via email (globalnet?) But you can still try for guilt. I'm a Southerner, so the guilt comes easy.

    And now, back to the Puritan colony. I have about 310 text pages or thereabouts and am feeling exuberant....

  4. It arrived this morning and I will read it when I may. I too am now somewhat absorbed: the Borderline Film Festival with VR and grandson Ian. Three movies today: Denial, Manchester by the Sea, Hell or High Water, 23 all told in a fortnight.

    1. Oh, that sounds splendid! I no longer see a lot of good movies, living in the boondocks, though of course we all have Netflix... Enjoy!


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