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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tea and poem
Quite a week. I'm glad it is over. The hysteria still rages on social media and elsewhere, but maybe it's already time for a cup of tea and a poem.

Also in the week's worry, my family's ridge-top solar envelope home in Cullowhee was saved from the wildfires by bold and brave firefighters. I thank them for that and think of them every day as they go on boxing with state-of-emergency wildfire in western North Carolina.

Go get your cup of tea. As my tiny first-grade daughter once said, sitting down with a British friend and his daughter, "I like a nice cup of Darjeeling." You might also.

And here's the accompanying suitable-for-tea poem, "Jane Austen Strolls the Upper Rooms," just up yesterday at E-Verse Radio, the baby (he also has a charming flesh-and-blood baby who distributes smiles on social media) of poet Ernest Hilbert. Auto-correct believes he is an earnest filbert, but he is not (though perhaps, like many of us, willing to be a bit of a nut now and then.) Thank you to poet Luke Stromberg for asking. I'm glad to have met him in the tangible world, but you may also meet both poets on E-verse and elsewhere in the E-world.

I like being asked, as I'm a bit lazy about the labor of sending poems out in the world. It's like laundry--I wash, I dry, I fold. Then the things sit around in a basket for a while before I force myself to put them away. Only poems sit around longer.


  1. Love the poem. The diction made my eyes cross a bit at first read, but then I took my time and loved the way all the clamor and chaos give way to privacy and peace.

  2. Heh and hee and other noises of tee-heedom. What a good reader you are!

  3. Your poetry, fortunately not folded into fascicles in closeted shoe boxes, so often reminds me of Emily Dickinson and her sublime words:

    The Poets light but Lamps --
    Themselves -- go out --
    The Wicks they stimulate --
    If vital Light

    Inhere as do the Suns --
    Each Age a Lens
    Disseminating their
    Circumference --

    * * * * *

    Yes, Marly, thanks for the vital Light you share with us.

    1. Aw, thanks, Tim--that's a kind thing to think and say! And of course I love Dickinson.


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