Saturday, October 24, 2015

A tour in the South: postcards

At a panel, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance
trade show, Raleigh, North Carolina.
My events there were Moveable Feast and a panel.

Reading from Maze of Blood at City Lights,
Sylva, North Carolina.
Photo by Ally Vickery.
Putting the mike back on for Q & A
With singer-songwriter Rebekah White,
photographer and designer Ansel Olsen
and our host, painter Mark Sprinkle.
Photo: Tracie Meadows

The Makers Series, Richmond
Photo: Mark E. Sprinkle

Mid-way break, Saturday workshop, Richmond
Photo: Mark E. Sprinkle

Photo: by Mark Sprinkle


Alas, I must once again remind large numbers of Chinese salesmen and other worldwide peddlers that if they fall into the Gulf of Spam, they will be eaten by roaming Balrogs. The rest of you, lovers of grace, poetry, and horses (nod to Yeats--you do not have to be fond of horses), feel free to leave fascinating missives and curious arguments.