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Friday, July 31, 2015

Pre-pub copies--

I took a lot of pictures to share with Clive Hicks-Jenkins, as his copies have not yet arrived... More pictures of today's box of books (and comments) can be seen here.


  1. Yes Yes Yes!!!!! I posted this to Clive's blog "So excited that Marly and ye have exited the Maze so that now we can all enter it! Brava Marly, as I know it will be an extraordinary read since indeed she is one of America’s best writers. Bravo Clive who is joined at Marly by the hipster/cosmic/weirdness visionary. Love to you both." Dear Marly, I hope the world will open up this time and join in what is always an amazing, inventive, wise, and beautiful ride to places never before imagined, and some we imagined but never thought we could go.

    1. Jeffery, thanks for that sweet enthusiasm and good wishes! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Christmas in July at Marly's! You know this already, but you are most fortunate to have such great cover art from such a great artist. Many writers would kill for that kind of marketing bonus.
    All the best from R.T. and Crimes in the Library.

    1. Tim, yes, I am lucky in that friendship! Can't say that I have any other marketing muscle...

      Will come by and see what you have been doing. Bit wild here as one child is moving out and another moving in.


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