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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Light / break

La Sainte-Chapelle by Trey Ratcliff, from his portfolio
at Creative Commons license.

I am taking a break in the lead-up to Easter, and hope to see you here afterward. 
For those who follow the steps of the Passion, many bright 
falls of metaphysical gold to you!
And for all, these lovely Ratcliffean images of the light--
a forest of glass upheld by stone columns,
a cathedral of leaf and light upheld by green boles.

Another sort of cathedral, also shot by Trey Ratcliff
and in his portfolio at Creative Commons.
"The sun came out and started melting all the morning rain into a foggy mist
that fell down around and behind me." --Trey Ratcliff in Kyoto, Japan.


  1. May you have a wonder-filled week and Easter.

    With each passing day, I become more convinced that the world around me is my cathedral. God is everywhere. It is sufficient.

    BTW, your "Gothic cathedral" images -- man-made and God-made -- are splendid.

    1. Thank you! And to you.

      Isn't Ratcliff good? If you want to travel without effort, he's your man! There are some wonderful images in his portfolio. I suppose being blind in one eye helps him to see.

      Better health and good days to you, Tim.

  2. Wonderful images - will check out Ratcliff's work.

    Have a great week and a Happy Easter with all your loved ones.

    1. There are some startling images, very strange and beautiful. Enjoy!

      And the very same to you. Right now I am working on Dread Taxes.


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