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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Book of the Phoenix, 1: 1-40: The Prophet Fed by a Raven

Clive Hicks-Jenkins has posted a piece I wrote for his big, beautiful monograph, a knockout book with chapters by Simon Callow, Andrew Green, Rex Harley, Kathy Koja, Anita Mills, Montserrat Prat, Jacqueline Thalmann, Damian Walford Davies, and me.

Lund Humphries monograph
This fragment from my chapter is channeling the modes and techniques of biblical poetry. It is a kind of reply to one of Clive's paintings, "The Prophet Fed by a Raven."

And if you want more Clive-and-Marly interaction, slide down one post in Artlog, and you'll find his response to a recent post, plus remarks from us both in the comment section. Growing up, God, Spirit, ruin, building a world, and more...


  1. You and Clive are absolutely awesome, such powerful imagery in both words and images, and how well you collaborate! Wish I could see the whole book...

    1. Hi! Saw you pop up in my email as I was writing Clive Himself a note...

      Marja-Leena, you ought to have a monograph. Seriously. I think a book of your work along with essays would be marvelous.

      Maybe the Lund Humphries book will get a little bit cheaper over time--they're $8 off what they used to be. The book is gorgeous. You would love to have one!


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