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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Once a colleague said, “What does the world need with another poem?” It stopped me cold for a year. But I had a burning need for beautiful uselessness.

Tonight I start the "first pass" read of The Throne of Psyche.


  1. Certainly, it must not have been a poet colleague. Any writer worth her salt knows the world can never have its fill of poetry.

  2. Hi there, Elsa Louise--

    Nevertheless, he was a beloved colleague and taught poetry--he was also rather sassy and funny! Somehow that didn't make any difference, though.

    The good side was that I discovered that I really can't (or don't?) exist without writing, and so I started writing stories in that year. And that has led to many adventures.

  3. Yes. Beautiful uselessness. But aside from a wrench or a blender, all those supposedly useful things are worth no more and probably less than a poem.

  4. Well, W. C. Williams was a doctor who knew the value of an aspirin or a dose of penicillin, and he still claimed that men were dying every day for lack of what is found in poems.

    So it's a funny thing, isn't it?


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