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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One of the student writers at Hollins won The Shirley Henn Award for Creative Writing (at least I think that's the one) at The Francelia Butler conference. And it was for a story we burnished a bit this summer, so that was pleasant for me. Her name: Tracy Roberts. The story: "Head-on." She lives on a mountain with her husband and a wandering goat, and she is charming and a good writer. And now an editor is going to take a look . . .

Congratulations, Tracy!

Illustration: Ruth Sanderson's silver wood from her The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Ruth is on the Hollins faculty for the MA/MFA in Children's Literature.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful illustration! And I'm glad to hear that Hollins MFA in Children's Lit is apparently every bit as good as the regular one used to be. Would you ever want to be on that faculty permanently, if it were a possibility?

  2. My first comment using the droid... Yes, Ruth is good! What do you mean, "used to be?" Actually a startling number of people asked me if I would consider coming back.

  3. When I say "used to be" I mean that I have no idea what the regular MFA program is like now. I haven't been there in a long time, and haven't met the new faculty.

  4. Hey, that's what I thought you meant Just teasing... I did meet Eric Trethewey. Already knew Jeanne, who I don't guess was there. And Cathy. I'm not even sure who else is, aside from RHWD.

  5. That's my favorite Ruth picture...just need to find a place for the poster on my already full walls...

  6. In fact...that picture was the deciding point for my choosing Hollins :D It's amazing I get anything done.

  7. Robin,

    I think you mentioned that as a motivation! It is certainly a valid one, though unusual... Did you tell Ruth? "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" is a beautiful book. I like lots of her others but especially "The Snow Princess." Oh, and the trees in "The Enchanted Wood." And more.

    Just back from picnic and tubing at Deep Creek, trala!


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