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Friday, December 04, 2009

"It suck'd me first, and now sucks thee": the 4th FLEA

THE FLEA, broadsheet no. 4

Like the very best sort of vampire--not sparkly, not sappy, and juicy with blood--The Flea leaps onto the stage of the mortal world.

Epigraphic poem: Borrowed Tactics by Mark Allinson
Dionysus and Apollo by Thomas Zimmerman
The Memoir Artists by Marly Youmans
When Jesus Was Grown by Gail White
The Reading by Timothy Murphy
Sticking Point by Rick Mullin
The Auguries Road-Kill by David W. Landrum
Buried Lines by Rose Kelleher
Double or Quits by Clive James
Genesis by Jan Iwaszkiewicz
Practising by Midge Goldberg
There at the Frontier by Richard Epstein
On Correctness by Ann Drysdale
Valediction: Demanding Remorse by Kevin Cutrer
Twickenham Stadium by Norman Ball
Down Slope by Gene Auprey
Bell’s Theorem by Mark Allinson
What Light I Can Conjure by Mary Alexandra Agner


  1. Your poem is a fun read! Paul does a wonderful job.

  2. Yes, there's something about his Flea that is very refreshing!

    Kevin, I read the whole thing this morning and remember your loop-the-looping poem well--the happy knot, the fraying. Confetti!

  3. Like gold to airy thinness beat. Love Donne.

    Ah, the cleansing memoir, sets everything right. I am in awe of your poetics, MY.

  4. Hi there, James--

    And thank you very much. How's the novel going?

  5. Marly, I'd like to send you a book. Can you give me an address for this purpose?
    Gail White

  6. Hi Gail--

    What a very pleasant way to meet! Yes, I shall send you an address...

    By the by, somebody just left a comment about my Flea poem on FB and also mentioned how much he liked yours. Me too.

    And I peeped at your website and saw that you live in Breaux Bridge. When I was little, I lived in Gramercy and then in Baton Rouge.

  7. Hi Marly! Cutting poem. How you disapprove! I like that you speak your mind.
    I have written a couple more yoga poems. Perhaps you can suggest a good place to send a few of them?

  8. Robinka,

    Chalk it up to a frisky moment...

    Places to send. Okay. The yoga poems idea is pretty nifty, and I think you'll be able to place them. My suggestion is that you join the CRWOPPS mailing list, at which point you will be inundated with places to send, both new and old zines and contests of various sorts.

  9. Thanks Marly. I am not yet finished the series, but I am investigating the idea of getting another yoga person to do line drawing and putting together a book. Getting someone to publish it is another thing though.

  10. I have no doubt that you can publish some in zines and then do a chapbook bringing them together. It's a good idea.

  11. Oh, Robbi--

    Don't know that I am especially disapproving... I just get carried away by the poem.


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