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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mark this FLEA

The Flea Broadsheets
Flea No. 3 (by Paul Stevens, that imaginative editor) is up--and floating in its tight belly are these:
Hydrangeas by Mark Allinson
Sonnet by Mary Alexandra Agner
Iconography by Maryann Corbett
Said Yeats’s Bones to Hardy’s Heart... by Ann Drysdale
A Centaur in His Dragon World by Richard Epstein
The Way is Closed by Midge Goldberg
Relationships by Bill Greenwell
Herald by R. Nemo Hill
Footprint by Janet Kenny
In Defence of Hedonism by Janice D. Soderling
Approaching the Autobiographical by J.J. Steinfeld
Fly in Amber by Leo Yankevich
The Great Frost by Marly Youmans
Meteora by Thomas Zimmerman
Notice that for once I am not the last in an alphabetical list! Don't know why editors don't occasional do things backwards... And yes, that is sometimes the way a Southerner feels in Cooperstown. Round about January or February.
Next poetry forthcoming on line: "Interregnum," "Scout Ceremony," and "The Bottle Tree" in Mezzo Cammin. "Self-portrait as Dryad, no. 7" and "A Tree for Ezekiel" in qarrtsiluni.


  1. Yes, placing in the alphabet must rankle at times with you....I'm opposite end of scale...and it SHOULD be printed back to front sometimes!
    Love the design.

  2. A FLEA on its back: that would be fine.

  3. Hi. I saw the poem today. I have been buried in work the past weeks, so didn't see this when you posted it. Loved the journal and the poem though.
    I took my mom out to a restaurant 1 1/2 hours away (I don't do freeways) for her 93rd b-day, and when I got there, it was gone! I remembered then that you can't trust the web for restaurants. Lots of them shut down and the web presence still remains.

  4. Today my wv word is "festert." Fitting.

  5. Marly,
    Let me know when you get back!

  6. arent you supposed to be coming out of seclusion soon?


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