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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Clock of the Moon and Stars at "The Flea"

The Flea is a wondrous new 'zine, marked by the rare imagination and verve of Paul Stevens. What a sparkling, spanking-new idea for a literary magazine: "THE FLEA Broadsheets are a Seventeenth Century brainchild of Mr. Paul Stevens, upon whom the conviction periodically seizes that he dwelt in that era in a former life, and indeed was an associate of Jack Donne (one of whose metaphysical meditations has inspired the title), Andrew Marvell, Will. Shake-speare, Ben Jonson, Sir John Suckling, & diverse others." Portrait of the esteemed editor is by Mistress Patricia Jones.

And here I am with my first contribution to this cunningly-designed magazine:


  1. beautiful and chilling poem, marly

  2. Ah, it is good to please a poet and a bookstore owner at one stroke! Glad you liked it.

    And now I am off for the nth time today, ferrying. Just call me Norahc, ferrywoman to life.

  3. Wow! I think your work is instantly recognisable. What a wonderful thing to have such a VOICE!

  4. Jan, you have returned from your writing hideout! Very good. And thank you for that splendid, splendid compliment. I can probably be cheerful for a month on that one... It ought to do me forever, but human flesh is frail, alas.

    I'll have to come see the fruits of your retreat, just as soon as this apex of ferrying ends. This week is frankly mad: tomorrow I have 10 ferryings on my list, plus R is at a plein air workshop all week. In addition, I have to fetch and carry whenever it rains, and it has rained off and on every single day. Right now: socked in with cloud.

    WV: hoppici. That does seem to sum up the mode of this week.

  5. Lovely poem, Marly. And I'm always glad to learn about a new zine.
    Are you going to try that hintfiction I wrote about on my blog?

  6. I think the wvs on your site are better than elsewhere. Just a bit ago I got bablurg. Yep.

  7. Robinka,

    Hah! I'm a bit buried--you send me yours so I can enjoy it!

    Undenotu (wv),*

    *Then there's Unconota, I guess.

  8. I'll show you mine if you show me yours! But seriously, if you really mean it... I already sent you enough crap.

  9. And I will get to it ... eventually! Today I am being very un-writerly--currently (without current, though) have taken the fridge back panel off and am defrosting the blocked-up drainage hole. Very enlightening.

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