Thursday, June 18, 2009


Welsh novelist Clare Dudman talks about Val/Orson and interviews me at her blog, Keeper of the Snails:


  1. Hope you like it.

    I'm afraid we have our first family case of the piggy flu, so I may be absent from the e-palace for a while...

  2. Oh, dear, the Hini flu! Well, here it's the pox, there you've got the pigx.
    I hope you all get better very soon. That interview was beautifully done. Of course, look at the source material she had to work with.

  3. Yes, I enjoyed the interview.

    I also meant to tell you that in the churchyard of the town where I grew up was the grave of Peter the Wild Boy. Though he was found in Hanover, he was brought to England and lived in Northchurch, Hertfordshire. It was a rough little nub of a gravestone more or less set in a bank, and as a child it always gave me a shiver. When you mentioned him in the story I remembered it.

  4. Laura,

    May we soon be rid of pox and pigx! And I'm glad you liked the interview...


    Thanks for reading--I'm pleased you liked the interview and the book. And I love that description of the grave: something slightly macabre and fitting there, the roughness, the bank. "Forever wild."

  5. continuing to send prayers your way

  6. Thank you! I am really back to almost normal--if this really was the swine flu, and I imagine it was since I got it through schoolchildren, and it was raging through the school last week as we let out for sumer, it was not so very terrible for us. My youngest had it much worse and is still sick. But it seems to me that I've met far worse in the way of viruses. Perhaps the piggy flu just had better press coverage than they did. Or perhaps I had the swine flu that went around in '79.

    Now we shall see if anybody else in the family gets it... It's still active among the middle and high school students, so there are many ways to catch it.

  7. Well, praise the baby jesus for your swift recovery. I was horrified when I realized you were talking about swine flu. Especially after reading Clairs link to BBC talking abou tit.

    At least now you will have maybe some antibodies. ITs all so awful.

  8. Well, I don't know, in the end. We were sick; it was the same time when the school was overrun with diagnosed cases. But I suppose it's possible that it was something else. Mystery.


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