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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Books and Birthday

The Complete Birthday News

I have gone around the sun another time. My eldest is in North Carolina (where I ought to be, instead of being a frozen magnolia in the No’th), and my husband the mighty adventurer is stalking around after elk and mule deer in the wilds of Montana (his share of Akwesasne Mohawk blood must be acting up), so the day will be comparatively quiet around here with me, R, and N. Cake, presents, and modest frolics in the offing.

Book-length fiction: Val/Orson

Val/Orson (U.K.: P. S. Publishing) now has a pub date of March 2009. If anyone would like a pre-pub .pdf copy to review for print or web publications, including blogs, please leave me a note. And if anyone would like to pre-order, the book will be available in jacketed hardcover (limited edition of 200) and hardcover (limited edition of 500). (Does that seem confusing? What it means is that the hardcover without a jacket will have the jacket image on the body of the book.) Catherynne M. Valente will write the introduction.

Long narrative poems and lyrics

Currently I have poems forthcoming in Books & Culture and Mezzo Cammin. As I like Mezzo Cammin, I have sent the editor a number of poems and will have some in the December 2008 and June 2009 issues. I’ll put up a link when “The Throne of Psyche” goes up there, as I’d love to have any feedback on that one. It’s blank verse narrative in seven parts. In addition, chapter IV of my 24-part post-apocalyptic poem, Thaliad, will be up soon at qarrtsiluni. Any feedback on the long poems will be appreciated…


I also have several stories coming out in Postscripts, the hardcover/softcover magazine of P. S. Publishing—just signed limited edition sheets for the December issue. They will be shifting to anthology format soon. “Rain Flower Pebbles” is the one due out next month; it is another in a small series of stories that pilfer reality—my children, my federal house, the Fenimore-and-baseball-famous Village of Cooperstown—for purposes of strangeness.

Currently out is “Static” in Extraordinary Engines (a steampunk anthology from Solaris, edited by Nick Gevers), a rather Dickensian revel involving static, spontaneous combustion, and lightning. Next up (January 6, 2009) is “The Chinese Room” (DAW, ed. Pete Crowther) in We Think, Therefore We Are. This is a zany story based on an artifical intelligence “thought experiment” of John Searle. If that is not enough for you, there are midgets and former jockeys and love and sausages.

And there will be more anthology stories in 2009 as I whirl around the sun.

Photo credit: I have borrowed (as Huck Finn would say) this from Eric H., on, so be sure and visit his site--you can see what I see on a regular basis! I eyeball the interior of the library a lot more often than the precincts of The Baseball Hall of Fame, I promise.


  1. Happy birthday and congratulations on the publication of so much of your work!

  2. Happy birthday, Marly, so glad I got here on the day, often I arrive at people's blogs days too late when they have birthdays etc.

    I am very much looking forward to my copy of Val/Orson, which I pre-ordered when you first said about it, I don't know what kind I'll be getting, I can't remember!

  3. The verification letters are "dicarini," which I shall take to mean "two pretty ones" and a compliment to alliterative visitors, Laura and Lucy.


    Oh, I am terrible at birthdays. Don't know why I mentioned this one--probably feeling shadow, shadow creeping in.

    And whatever copy it is, the dream will be the same...


    Thank you. I shall whirl by for a look just as soon as the mighty hunter returns from adventuring.


    "The poem is the poet’s way of suspending time and attending to the minute vibrations of the inner and outer world." --Morris Dickstein

  4. Oh darn. I guess I forgot the date of your birthday, and I'm usually so prompt, actually obsessively early!!! Sorry.
    But I'm glad you have been writing so much and plan to catch up with some of that work. I'd love to review your book for my blog and whatever other publication I can think of, including!
    It sounds like you have used your time productively. I have one pitiful publication, but for me, that's good. I'll have a poem coming out in the fall Caesura, a special issue on food and culture. It's called "Taking Tea," and will no doubt remind you of "My Grandmother's Feet," a poem I wrote long ago.

  5. Hey Robinka--

    Thanks again for the sneak attack birthday ninja card! N is still impressed with your height or lack thereof. And they've tried to call me a hobbit!

    I'll put you on the .pdf list.

    You know, I feel that I waste too much time, but in the poetry and story business, waste is fruitful. But it still feels like waste sometimes. And sometimes just is. But one must mostly catch no fish in order to catch fish.

    I'm always telling my daughter, who will never send out, that one publication is infinitely more than none. So don't apologize! I'm expecting some dried old granny toes in that tea...

  6. Hope you were suitably celebrated Marly! And that the husband is back in time for the cooking frenzy.
    Happy Feasting, Happy Giving Thanks Day!

  7. Miss Zephyr,

    Happy wafting of spicy odors to you as well! The Word Verification letters are OVENT, which I take to refer to a Turkey Day oven event.

    I'm being rather lazy "on blog" but am behind on some deadlines and will be better later on--unless I then become behind on other ones, I suppose.

  8. My word is haille, but it isn't hailling or hailing or even raining anymore. Sunshine as usual, and turkey of course.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Marly! Hope your hunter returned with pheasant and other goodies.
    I just bought the caregivers' kids two of your books for Christmas. They love fantasy and they write stories!

  9. By the way, visit my blog once in a while. I get lonely. I think I only have one regular reader.
    If anyone else wants to visit, it's

  10. Robbi,

    Ah, that was sweet of you. And I will be by to visit just as soon as I hit my next deadline. I somehow have become a wee bit overbooked, it seems.

    I'll have to do a piece about you and your blog some time in the next month or so. There's that so-called free time up there, somewhere, surely.

  11. No pressure, Marly. You're doing the good work, writing away.

  12. Happiest of Birthdays Marly!

  13. Belatedly, happy birthday! I'm excited for the opportunities your next whirl around the sun will bring you.

  14. Annie, Jan--

    Thanks for popping by--I shall no doubt be just as busy in the new year, but I fantasize about being more organized and getting back to people sooner.

    Let the projecting begin! I'll drop you a line.

  15. hello! Your blog is nice ....
    Would you exchange a link with my site?

    Ciao ciao from Italy

  16. Hello, Xav--

    I will take a look one day soon, okay? I'm having a busy week but will visit and look around. Ciao!


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