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Friday, November 16, 2007

qarrtsiluni's Insecta issue

If you miss getting a new post from me, please flit, flee, and fly by qarrtsiluni and take a look at the blog-style issue Ivy Alvarez and I are guest-editing. We have had to devise some new modes of organization to handle the submissions and now have moved to gmail, where we are hip-deep in spreadsheets and Google documents. We're doing a lot of revision with writers, and that's interesting but time-consuming. Until we're done, I'll be a bit scarce both here and elsewhere. Submissions close on December 15, so I suppose we may be finished by 2008. (See prior post for more information.)
A Happy Thanksgiving with no flies on your turkey! It's on my dratted birthday this year, so be sure and give a dollop of thanks on my behalf. I'm going to be giving thanks for the Return of the Husband from Montana. Being a single mother for more than a week makes me appreciate all those forced-to-be-stalwart women who trudge along with too much of a bundle on their backs. I think they need a celebratory month. Why not? Gloomy old November could be Single Mother Month. Meanwhile, my Mike's hiking and fishing and shooting in faraway Montana--and saw a lovely ermine yesterday, with one black drop on her perfect snowy fur.
At left: "green bottle fly," courtesy of nezbitten and


  1. The turkey feather on my hat is drooping at the thought that you will be gone that long.

    I know your posts are time consuming and the type of careful reflection, so to keep you in bloghollow I am just going to have to get you completely hooked on Susangalique so you will have somnething non work related to do while you drink your coffee.

    hahaaa wink wink tease tease, you are missed when you take sabaticles, must run, I am late.

  2. Davie--

    Eh, laddikie! Be a bit royt loon? Fond o' tricks?

    Bethinke ye of the crymes of witchcraft, charmeing and compacting with the divell!

  3. Susanna--

    I will try...
    Sabaticles is a very good addition to the galiquan dictionary. Very tiny sabats, eh? The Urban Dictionary says that pertains to a young lady's booty, but then I think almost all the entries of obscure words in the UD do likewise.

  4. I didnt realize I had mispelled it so I looked it up...sabbaticals.

    I like my way better :)

  5. oh, I was going to add about that urban spelling vey interesting, and maybe it a warped way does fit me, I do have a lot of junk in my trunk to the point of where I obsesses like non stop. I am obsessing at this very moment...hahahaaaaaaa

  6. Whichever One It Is...Have a Very Happy Birthday Marly!

  7. Susanna,

    I like your spelling better as well. In fact, I always like your spellings better. Just don't use that version when you apply for one!


    You are the Soul of Discretion.

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Have a butterfly/insect story stirring but must finish pastels for a sale/show next week before I can get to it.

  9. Hey Marly,

    I made some corset Christmas ornaments for the sale/show next week, check out the sample I posted on my blog.

  10. Donna,

    I'll show up later. My children have passed me another BUG (so appropriate), and I'm feeling slaughtered.

  11. hope you are feeling better.

    You should pop in on Clare. She has featured you if you hadnt had the chance.

    hope everybody feels better.

  12. Marly,

    Get well soon. I just got over something myself that one of the students gave me. They give me little presents like that sometimes.

  13. Oh Golly!
    A Bug for your birthday? That is just so not fair!!

    Wishing you comforting cups of tea, or ginger ale and/or chicken soup...and that blessed of all tonics: many hours of blissful sleep.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  14. Thanks for the messages--I think I'll be off here until I'm better. I'm afraid that I bumped into something pretty nasty.

  15. Well I have heard of ermine but didn't know what it was. Google comes up with "Stoat" which ofcourse we have lots of over here.

    Happy belated birthday and Thanks Giving Marley, sorry to have missed them!

    What ever have you bummped into? Hope it gets better soon.

  16. Hi Robert--

    It was and is The Flu. I just got a particularly bad case, alas. Weak protoplasm, maybe.

    Ermine and stoat? Really? I doubt it. Kings and Queens in storybooks always have ermine collars on their robes--white with classy black bits here and there.


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