Friday, September 16, 2005

The Templeton angels

Note for my Templeton neighbors: I have a short story set in or around the local landmarks of Christ Church, Otsego Lake, and Bassett Hospital in the current--25th and final--issue of the estimable Mars Hill Review. It's called "The Angel with the Broken Face" after one of the two Tiffany angels in Christ Church. Fenimore Cooper even has a weird cameo appearance!

If you would like a "fair use," "first generation" copy for private use in legal accordance with copyright law (that sounds awful, but it just means your very own copy made from a copy of the magazine), leave me a note in the comments. I don't have a copy yet but should very soon...

Mars Hill Review, 25th issue: Perhaps you'd like to buy the grand finale!

What is legal fair use? See:

* * *

Today I received three lovely copies of Blue Moon Cafe IV, the new MacAdam/Cage anthology, and I'm really pleased to be in the same issue as two of my writer penpals...


  1. So here to see if I get it right. Right yet? Rick J. in a jagelesque way.

  2. "Yes, yes!"

    And did you want a Fae book? (But they're not f-r-e-e!) I'm almost to 50 for the launch party.

  3. Marly,

    You SHOULD have parties for your books. Start with the next release of whatever is next. Perhaps the paperbacks. One should never pass up the opporunity to throw a party.

    By the way, I love the Curse of the Raven Mocker and intend to get it and Ingledove for my class.

    I also finished One Foot in Eden and The Darkest Clearing. I am so enamored of all three of your writings now, that I want more books by all of you. So tell Brian to get busy and write another.

  4. Hey Donna--

    You've hopped blogs! You really are the Blog Queen.

    Perhaps Brian will start another novel after he gets the Steinbeck book promoted... You know, that was a lovely panel. Three writers, no claws. I've been reading Ron's poems.

    And that's good party advice. I think, though, after working on this one for a while, that I'd let somebody else do it!


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